Truthful fiction from Scotland 

Blast Radius

ISBN 9781910124062      


"...beautiful, sad and urgent book about modern-day Britain, about what

war does to people, about hope and hopelessness, about love and acceptance, and about learning to let go."  Booktrust


sometimes the toughest battles are fought at home


Ok, Mitch told me one time, so there's only two fixed points on this map. You can't go back to the first and you sure as hell can't avoid the last, but everything in between is up for grabs. If you look at it that way, I suppose every decision of your life is a crossroads, from which there can be infinite possible roads toward that second and final fixed point. The only thing I can't work out is how you know which is the right one, because it seems to me that up to now this life has been a series of wrong turns, leading to other wrong turns, and then to those places you can't get back from, carrying me faster and faster toward that inevitable final stop... 


Sean McNicol’s best friend Mitch saved his life in Afghanistan, in an act of impulsive heroism. Now Mitch is dead and Sean has left the Royal Marines with a head full of ghosts and guilt. Mitch talks to Sean from beyond the grave, by turns encouraging him, cursing, singing and leading him to question his own sanity on a daily basis.


My debut novel, Blast Radius, is published by Sandstone Press and available in good book shops or online now.


Looking Glass Books in Edinburgh


Word Power Books, Edinburgh




News and events


A massive thank you to both Sandstone Press and Looking Glass Books for a perfect launch party for Blast Radius. An inspiring venue for a momentous occasion in my life. 


I'm pleased to have published a poem in Issue IV of The Grind. My poem, Our Lady of the Magnolia Breath, was inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Check it out here:


Congratulations to my publisher, Sandstone Press, for being named Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the Year 2014. 




















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